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For less than the price of a deck of playing cards, let Spades Lackey keep you focused on the cards and free yourself from scoring concerns when manually scoring the game of Spades with pencil and paper. And as a bonus, it's interactive interface adds a bit of enjoyment to an already great game!

Note that Spades Lackey is NOT an actual game of Spades, it is an interactive scorekeeping assistant for those using old-school paper cards!

Call your friends and family today and get together to play some cards!

Spades Lackey supports 4 player 2 teams, and 2, 3, or 4 player non-partner Spades (aka "Cut Throat").

Spades is played with quite a few rule variations and Spades Lackey definitely supports most of them.  But if you happen to play with scoring rules different than Spades Lackey seems to support, let me know.  Please email me with requests for new features or questions.   (link is above) Sadly, I get almost no feedback about this application so any input will be greatly appreciated and quickly responded to!

AND PLEASE... If you like this app, please leave a review of Spades Lackey on the Android Market...  because without reviews and ratings, an application withers and dies in the Android universe...  If Spades Lackey falls short of your expectations, please let Gary know!

Spades Lackey Splash Screen

This game of trick-taking bidding logic is greatly loved by my family, as it is by many thousands of families in America and no doubt a few elsewhere on our planet! Thanks for your support!

Screenshots & Tutorial

Score Lackey guides you...

Tap "Menu", then "New Game" to start...

First you choose the game variation and the number of points to win the game. 4-player 2-team, or non-partner with 2,3 or 4 players are supported.

This tutorial shows screenshots from 4-player partner (2-team) spades, the other variations look quite similar.

Tap next to continue to name entry...

Game Start dialog

Next, Lackey shows its player name setup screen, remembering the previous players.

The buttons are arranged to indicate playing position at the table with partners opposite each other and the phone's "owner" (primary user during the game) being in the South position.

You then indicate who deals first by tapping the circular "radio" button above their name.

Normally, the first dealer is chosen by a draw for high card.  The deal passes to the left after each hand.

In this example for team Spades, "Red" team is Jeff and Gary, "Blue" team is Suzette and Dianne.  Here Dianne is being selected as the first dealer. 

Tapping "Start Game" begins your fun. 

Per normal rules, after the oppenent to their right has been offered a cut, the dealer deals all 52 cards, face-down, starting from the their left (clockwise).

Game Start dialog

This is an important concept of Score Lackey... The top of the screen is divided into "player triangles".  These correspond to South, West, North, and East, seating positions.  During play you place the Android device with the bottom edge towards the South player.  This makes each player name "right-side up" to the player.

On this screenshot, Lackey is indicating that it is Dianne's turn to deal by highlighting her triangle with blue...

The dealer shuffles the cards, then after dealing they tap their "player triangle" to indicate this and start bidding mode.


Lackey prompts for bidding...

Bidding starts left of the dealer with your Lackey prompting that first bidder whether they wish to bid "Blind".  Tapping "N" indicates bid will not be blind.

* By definition, blind bids may only be made before the player has looked at their cards.  In Spades Lackey, touch "Menu", "Help" to read more about this.

Gary bids first in this example...

Blind Nil

After indicating Yes or No for Blind (No in this example) the bidder then taps the + and - buttons to increase or decrease the value of their bid...

Finally, touching the bid box itself accepts the bid and bidding moves to the next player until bidding is done.


A nice feature is that if you accidentally "accept" an incorrect bid, you can tap the "Menu" key, then tap "Undo" to reinput the correct bid.


Blind Nil

Lackey records the tricks...

Here's Spades Lackey after bidding has completed and tricks are in play.  Lackey shows everything you need to know; Current team score and bags taken as well as each player's bid with tricks taken. 

Note that Gary's triangle is in blue, this indicates he took the last trick and that it is his turn to throw down the first card of the current hand.

The winner of the trick taps their "Player Triangle," which flashes green, and their Tricks Taken counter increases. 

If someone accidentally taps the wrong player triangle, you can press your "menu" key, then tap "Undo" to move back to the previous trick.

Trick In Play

Lackey takes care of the scoring...

After each hand, the Hand Score automatically displays showing scoring details about the hand. 

Each players bids and tricks taken, as well as scoring for contracts, bags, and blind bids.

Note the fields labeled "Add'l Bonus or Penalty".  They allow you to optionally input a Bonus or Penalty to allow for any special scoring rules you may have.

Spades Lackey hand score

Score Pad

At any time during the game, tapping "Score Pad" brings up this screen (for Team Play).

On the Score Pad, blind bids are indicated by an a "b" in front of the bid, i.e. "b4" for a blind 4 bid, "b0" for blind Nil. 

For Team play, the columns B, T, B, T, are the bids and tricks taken for each team member.  U/O = Under/Over relative to the team's contract (bid total for team).  B/P shows any bonus or penalty points received for the hand.  Pts = the points earned for the hand.  Bags is the running total of over-tricks taken.  And Score is the running total.

Spades Lackey scoring pad

Here is a screenshot of Score Pad during a 4-player, non-partner (cutthroat) game after the 3rd hand...

For Non-Partner (Cutthroat), the columns B, T, is the bid and tricks taken for ea player.  U/O = Under/Over relative to the player's bid (contract).  B/P shows any bonus or penalty points received for the hand.  Round = the points earned for the hand.  Bags is the running total of over-tricks taken.  And Score is the running total.

Spades Lackey scoring pad

Lackey announces Game Over...

Then after the point goal is reached Lackey displays "Game Over!" and indicates that Jeff and Gary won the game.  (BOYS RULE, GIRLS DROOL!)

Spades Lackey game over


Spades Lackey guides you through everything you should need to know about itself, but before you play an actual card game you should consider running through a fake game just to get a feel for how your Lackey works and ensure that it supports the rules you use.

Pressing the Menu key during bidding gives the options of "Game Over", "Misdeal", "Undo Bid", and "Renege"... 

 Tapping "Game Over" ends the current game and optionally start a new one.  Game is saved to Game Logs.

"Misdeal" clears the current hand and then indicates for dealer to re-deal.


See below about "Renege" and "Undo".

Spades Lackey - Menu During Bidding

Tapping the Menu key during a trick-in-play gives similar options with "Undo Bid" becoming "Undo Trick"...

Spades Lackey - Menu During Trick-In-Play

"Undo Bid" and "Undo Trick" can undo either undo the last bid or trick, essentially "backing up" game play one step.  This is handy when your fingers fumble and the wrong button is pressed.  You can "undo" game play as many steps as needed to correct errors made earlier that were'nt caught at the time.

"Renege" A partnership or player reneges on their contract if they violate the rules of play, such as when a player plays off-suit when they could have followed suit. The penalty for reneging varies; in most cases it nullifies that team's (or player if playing cut throat) contract.  This means the team cannot make their contract and their score is reduced by 10 points for each bid trick. Some people play that reneging results in a three-trick penalty, meaning the team (or player) may still make contract but must take some additional tricks to do so (such as 3).

* Currently, AND UNTIL I'M REQUESTED OTHERWISE :), Spades Lackey only supports the reneging team (or player if playing Cut Throat) being unable to complete their contract and automatically losing 10 points for each trick that was bid.  Any over-tricks (relative to their bid) are counted towards "bags".

Spades - Reneged

This screenshot shows that Jeff stated he had reneged during the hand (his triangle is red).

MY PERSONAL 3-day (72 hours) SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you purchase Spades Lackey from the Android Market (only) and within 72 hours decide it's not worth the price of a deck of cards to you, please contact me and I will process a refund through Google Checkout.

Spades Lackey conforms to scorekeeping and gameplay rules for Spades found in this Wikipedia article:

Click Spades links for a few interesting web pages related to Spades.

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